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  • We own and operate three isomerization units located in Chambers County, Texas having an aggregate processing capacity of 116 MBPD that comprise the largest commercial isomerization facility in the U.S. We also own and operate a 70-mile pipeline system used to transport high-purity isobutane from Chambers County, Texas to Port Neches, Texas.

    The demand for commercial isomerization services depends upon the energy industry’s requirements for isobutane and high-purity isobutane in excess of the isobutane produced through the process of NGL fractionation and refinery operations. Isomerization units convert normal butane feedstock into mixed butane, which is a stream of isobutane and normal butane. DIB units, of which we own and operate ten located at our Chambers County complex, then separate the isobutane from the normal butane. Any remaining unconverted (or residual) normal butane generated by the DIB process is then recirculated through the isomerization process until it has been converted into varying grades of isobutane, including high-purity isobutane. The primary uses of isobutane are for the production of propylene oxide, isooctane, isobutylene and alkylate for motor gasoline. We also use certain of our DIB units to fractionate mixed butanes originating from NGL fractionation activities, imports and other sources into isobutane and normal butane. The operating flexibility provided by our multiple standalone DIBs enables us to capture market opportunities resulting from fluctuations in demand and prices for different types of butanes. The results of operations from our isomerization business are generally dependent on the volume of normal and mixed butanes processed and the level of toll processing fees charged to customers.

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    Butane Isomerization

    Facility Ownership Interest Capacity(MBPD/day)
    Chambers County, Texas 100% 116

    For more information on the assets, please refer to the most recent Form 10-K or Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q and other SEC filings.

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