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  • In December 2020, our ethylene export terminal located at our Morgan’s Point facility on the Houston Ship Channel entered full service with the commissioning of a refrigerated storage tank capable of handling 66 million pounds of ethylene. The ethylene export terminal, which had been in limited service since December 2019, features two docks and a nameplate capacity to load 1 million tons of ethylene per year. Ethylene is the primary feedstock for a wide variety of consumer products, including cell phones and computer parts, food packaging, apparel, textiles and personal protective equipment. We own a 50% member interest in Enterprise Navigator Ethylene Terminal LLC, which owns the export facility.

    Our ethylene system serves as an open market storage and trading hub for the ethylene industry by incorporating storage capacity, connections to multiple ethylene pipelines, and high-volume export capabilities. In support of our ethylene business, our Chambers County storage complex includes a high capacity underground ethylene storage well having a storage capacity of 600 million pounds of ethylene. The storage well is connected to our Morgan’s Point ethylene export terminal and further to Bayport, Texas by a 29-mile pipeline.

    In November 2021, we completed and placed into service the Baymark ethylene pipeline in South Texas, which is a leading growth area for new ethylene crackers and related facilities. The Baymark pipeline, which is supported by long-term customer commitments, originates in Bayport and extends 92 miles to Markham, Texas. We own a 70% consolidated interest in the Baymark pipeline through our majority owned subsidiary, Baymark Pipeline LLC. Customers using the Baymark pipeline will have pipeline access to our high-capacity ethylene storage well in Chambers County and our export terminal at Morgan’s Point.
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