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  • We own and operate an octane enhancement production facility located in Chambers County, Texas that is designed to produce isobutylene and either isooctane or methyl tertiary butyl ether (“MTBE”). The products produced by this facility are used by refiners to increase octane values in reformulated motor gasoline blends. The high-purity isobutane feedstocks consumed in the production of these products are supplied by our isomerization units. We sell our octane enhancement products at market-based prices. We attempt to mitigate the price risk associated with these products by entering into commodity derivative instruments. To the extent that we produce MTBE, it is sold exclusively into the export market.

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    Facility Ownership Interest Capacity (MBPD/day) Operator
    Chambers County, Texas 100% 23 Enterprise
    Houston Ship Channel(1) 100% 4 Enterprise

    (1) In November 2010, we acquired a facility located on the Houston Ship Channel that produces high-purity isobutylene.

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