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    Account Access at EnergyLink

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  • Account Access at EnergyLink
  • As a service to our customers, Enterprises allows Royalty Owners to have online access to their Owner Account through EnergyLink, at no cost to the customer.

    Some of the EnergyLink services include:

    • Check information
    • Pay history

    Enterprise encourages owners and operators to sign up for access to information regarding your account.

    If you are already registered to EnergyLink, you should see your payment detail statements automatically under your login. Historical data is available from March 2020 to present. If you do not see it in your EnergyLink account, contact the EnergyLink Support team.

    If you have never used EnergyLink, follow these steps to register:

    1. Go to EnergyLink.com

    2. Click New to EnergyLink? Sign Up Here

    3. Select Operator's Region - United States

    4. Select Document Type - Revenue

    5. Select Operator - Enterprise Crude Oil LLC

    You will need your owner number and recent payment information to complete registration.

    ATTENTION OWNERS: Please note that beginning December 14, 2021, Enterprise ceased loading payment detail to the Oildex owner relations website. You can still access Enterprise's payment detail data through the Oildex website until June 30, 2022, for payments prior to December 14, 2021.

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