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    Changes To Your Account

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  • Changes To Your Account
  • Owners will need to provide information as follows:

    Address Change

    Written Request Only (will accept FAX or Email); Change of Address Form

    Individual Name Change

    Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Court Order or other document effecting the name change

    Ownership Change Due to Divorce

    Recorded copy of Divorce Decree including Settlement Agreement

    Trust/Partnerships Terminated

    Dissolution of Trust or Partnership and, if applicable, recorded document into the beneficiary

    Change in Trustee

    Document reflecting the Successor Appointed Trustee

    Transfer of Interest

    A recorded copy of the conveyance document covering the wells, properties and/or county in which the interest is located

    Merger / Change to Corporation / Company Name

    A Certificate of Name Change / Certificate of Merger AND Executed W9 Form

    Appointment of Attorney-In-Fact

    Documentation appointing the Attorney-In-Fact, such as Power of Attorney


    A copy of documents appointing trustee

    Recorded copy of the conveyance of interest into or out of the trust/partnership recorded in the county in which the property is located

    Death of an Interest Owner

    If owner previously deeded his or her interest, a copy of the recorded conveyance will need to be furnished along with the address of the buyer. If there was no conveyance, then to transfer his or her interest to his or her rightful heir(s), we must first be furnished certain documents establishing proof of ownership. Please provide us with copies of the appropriate documents for our records. The list below is provided as a guideline and should not be considered legal advice; you should always consult your attorney. Enterprise may require that you provide further information and documentation.


    If Will was probated in the state where the property was located:

    All states require the following:

    • Death Certificate
    • Last Will and Testament, Letters of Testamentary



    • Order Admitting Will to Probate; Affidavit of Estate Closing


    • Judgment of Possession


    • Final Entry of Judgment


    • Final Decree of Distribution

    If Will was probated but not in the state where the property was located, Enterprise requires copies of all the pertinent probate documents from the state in question and a copy of the death certificate and a completed Affidavit of Heirship.

    All documents should be recorded with the county clerk in the county where the property is located.

    If Will was not probated:

    All states


    All states

    * Enterprise reserves the right to require probate and/or ancillary probate proceedings in the state where the property is located.

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