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  • Payment Schedules

    • Checks are issued on the 20th of each month. Depending on weekends and holidays, ACH/direct deposits should be reflected in your account by the 23rd day of the month.
    • Note: Payments are issued if the subject property has had oil sales to Enterprise in the previous month and the owner's account balance is $100.00 or more. Amounts under $100.00 will remain unpaid until the minimum of $100.00 has been reached.
    • Enterprise issues "minimum checks" in August of each year.
    • Upon the owner's request, Enterprise will change the minimum check amount on an individual account from $100.00 to $25.00
    • If your check is lost in the mail or misplaced, a replacement check can be requested 15 banking days after the original check was issued. The replacement check will be issued on the next available check run date.

    Suspended Payments

    In order to protect our owners, revenues related to royalty interests are subject to suspense when the following occurs:

    • Address information is not current
    • Title discrepancy is present
    • Pending an assignment of interest
    • Notification of legal proceedings
    • Incomplete Transfer documentation
    • Requirement to satisfy title
    • Social Security or Tax ID number is not on file (may be released with non-refundable 24% back-up withholding)
    • Death of an owner
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