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  • Enterprise Products has a fundamental view that all hydrocarbons have a long-term role in energy consumption far into the future.

    The International Energy Agency ("IEA"), projects oil demand to grow until 2040. 

    Here's why:

    On a global scale, carbon dioxide ("CO2") was ~77% of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the World Resources Institute. for more information.

    CO2 emissions from energy usage in the United States have declined steadily since 2007 (See graph of U.S. versus China for illustrative purposes). Thanks to the shale revolution, natural gas production has steadily increased and displaced much dirtier coal and fuel oil in power generation. Also, starting in 2012 we saw increasing renewable energy generation – both wind and solar – which further helped reduce CO2 emissions.

    Oil Type API Gravity Sulfur Content Country
    U.S. Shale 38-45 0.2-0.4% USA
    Arab Medium 30.2 2.59% Saudi Arabia
    Arab Extra Light 39.4 1.09%

    Saudi Arabia

    Maya 22.0 3.33% Mexico
    Cerro Negro 16.0 3.34% Venezuela
    Source: EPD Fundamentals

    Enterprise has 18 deep-water docks capable of exporting hydrocarbons.

    On the downstream side, U.S. refiners are the world’s best in terms of sophistication and ability to produce ultra-low sulfur fuels that are the least damaging to the environment. Consequently, the U.S. benefits from a significant reduction in sulfur pollution made possible by low sulfur oils, NGLs and natural gas.

    Natural Gas Liquids (“NGLs”): U.S. shales also produce growing volumes of NGLs (ethane, propane, butane and natural gasoline). A large portion of these NGLs is used as feedstock for producing various consumer products, such as plastics, and used as clean burning fuels for space heat and cooking, and blending into vehicle fuels.

    Enterprise Products is the prominent midstream company in terms of logistics services including transportation, processing, storage, distribution and exports of hydrocarbons. We are an essential link between production and consumption and we are optimistic about the continued growth of this industry.

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