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  • Industry Safety Awards

    We are honored to receive numerous industry awards that recognize our commitment to safety.

    • GPA Midstream Association
      • Safety Award- 13 Enterprise Products locations awarded, one of which was 35 years of recognition.
    • GPA Midstream Association
      • Safety Award - First Place, Divisions 1 U.S. Companies.


    • GPA Midstream Association
      • Safety Award- First Place, Divisions 1 U.S. Companies.
      • Safety Award- 11 Enterprise Products locations awarded.
    • Texas Gas Association Safety Achievement Award - 13 Enterprise Products locations awarded.


    • GPA Midstream Association
      • Safety Award - Second Place, Divisions 1 U.S. Companies.
      • Chairman's Award for Safety Improvement.
      • Facility Safety Awards - 8 Enterprise Products Locations awarded.
    At Enterprise, the safe operation of our assets is a top priority. Safety is at the core of our value system. We are committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of the public and those working on our behalf by conducting our business activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We promote a culture in which all personnel share the same commitment to health and safety, and recognize the importance of mitigating risks. Acting upon our commitment to safety, we engage all levels of employees and management, our Board of Directors, our contractors, and various external entities and organizations. We believe that safety breeds reliability and are committed to operating reliably to protect our people, the environment, and our communities. 

    Health & Safety Policy

    Enterprise’s approach to corporate responsibility is governed by our strong values. Enterprise is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers, and the public. 

    Our Health and Safety policy can be found here.

    Safety Principles

    All of our personnel are expected to adopt, embrace, promote, and follow these basic principles:

    • No task is so important that it be performed at the risk of safety.
    • Everyone takes personal responsibility for working safely every day.
    • Employees have the obligation to stop work they consider unsafe, regardless of who is performing the task.
    • Cardinal Rules, safety policies, procedures, and practices are critical to a safe work environment and should be followed at all times.
    • All safety-related incidents and near misses are learning opportunities and must be reported.
    • Safe operations are an expectation of our neighbors, fellow workers, contractors, unit holders, regulators, and other stakeholders.

    Assisting Areas of Safety

    • We have Health and Safety committees company wide. is an executive committee devoted to stewardship of all Environmental, Health and Safety programs. Members of the Safety Leadership Council include the Chairman of the Board of Directors as well and the President and the Chief Executive Officer. The council meets on a weekly basis to review the status of programs and initiatives as well as data and statistical trends concerning key areas of Environmental, Health and Safety performance.
    • Our overall cybersecurity strategy is designed to minimize cyber risk exposure to the company’s corporate network and the control systems of our plants and pipelines.  This strategy includes multiple layers of preventative measures, an employee awareness program that includes educating employees about phishing and other cyber risks, an incident response plan to ensure preparedness, and a cross functional Cybersecurity Steering Committee to provide guidance around cyber risk management.
    • Our corporate security is responsible for managing risks around our physical assets including liaising with local law enforcement maintaining, monitoring video surveillance, and communicating with management. 
    • Every morning starts with a Daily Safety Moment Initiative email.

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