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  • Stakeholder Engagement/Community
  • We are committed to engaging with our stakeholders in a respectful manner and to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with them.

    Our stakeholders include, but are not limited to, our customers, investors, banks, security analysts, our personnel, landowners, communities, public authorities, policy makers and regulators, as well as the individuals and organizations with whom we work to prepare for and respond to emergencies. The manner in which we engage with stakeholders is governed by our Code of Conduct, the fundamentals of which are integrity, honesty, dedication, accountability and respect. While building and operating infrastructure, we are committed to respecting landowners and communities, maintaining safe operations and promoting environmental stewardship.

    Enterprise Products has leadership roles in over two dozen key state and federal associations. We are able to coordinate advocacy and participate in key industry issues, including environmental and safety initiatives, pipeline security, and best practices involving pipeline construction and engagement with landowners and Native Americans.

    Community Engagement

    We are committed to engaging with our stakeholders, including landowners and community members, in a respectful manner. We seek to be an industry leader in the field of landowner relations. Through industry associations, Enterprise advocates for the adoption of best practices in landowner relations across our industry. Further, Enterprise is a leader in a coalition of companies formed to address eminent domain reform in a manner that respects and preserves landowner rights.

    We are proactive in our efforts to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with landowners, and strive to achieve a balance that respects landowner and community interests. We extensively train our right-of-way agents and expect that they conduct themselves in a manner consistent with Enterprise’s Code of Conduct, which is rooted in a foundation of integrity, honesty, dedication, accountability and respect.  We strive to reach right-of-way acquisition agreements with landowners by compensating them fairly and negotiating in good faith. We seek to align ourselves with state and local stakeholders to understand their interests and expectations for our company. We keep public officials, policy makers and regulators, as appropriate, apprised of new construction projects. Our focus on successful engagement allows us to expediently complete projects in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

    We respect the rights and interests of Native Americans and Indigenous peoples. When selecting a project route, we seek to avoid crossing indigenous communities. When it is necessary for our routes to cross tribal-owned lands, we employ our best practices approach to landowner and community relations, and work directly with the impacted community, following the procedures they have enacted for crude oil and natural gas projects.  When we cross federally owned lands managed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, we follow all federal laws, rules, and regulations in acquiring right-of-way.

    Giving Back to Our Communities

    Our connection with local communities goes far beyond financial contributions.  Enterprise’s areas of focus include supporting economic development, youth educational programs, and emergency responders in areas in which we live and work.  Between 2015–2019, Enterprise contributed over $101 million dollars toward community outreach, economic development, education, emergency response, and pipeline safety awareness.

    Highlighted 2019 Community Development efforts:
    • $33 million (of a $66 million commitment) went to fund a new Baytown, Texas public safety building
    • $17 million went towards educational development in multiple communities
    Highlighted 2020 Community Development Efforts (as of July 2020):
    • $33MM (completing our $66 million commitment) to fund the new Baytown public safety building
    • As part of the Enterprise emergency preparedness efforts, we maintain a surplus of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) throughout our facilities. We quickly responded to the COVID-19 crisis, and contributed PPE to first responders in multiple communities in which we operate.